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The Paper Trail Z-Fold

Have you ever wondered where your paper come from?  The Paper Trail, Domtar’s digital transparency tool, provides users with a look at the people and places behind our products, as well as their environmental, social and economic impacts.  Reminiscent of a map, The Paper Trail Z-Fold is a unique printed piece that provides an overview […]

Share on Cougar®

Share on Cougar® demonstrates how sharing is a fundamental human virtue rooted in our desire for connectivity and social interaction. This latest brochure features submissions from our Blueline Gallery along with a Q&A from each graphic designer that created the work submitted.

Cougar Journey

When you take the first steps into the unknown, both exhilaration and uncertainty engulf the spirit, and ultimately your creativity carries you to your destination. Since the dawn of time, humans have heeded this irresistible pull for new exploration, and their creations endure to this day. So as you set out toward the unfamiliar, what […]

Dream by Cougar

There are no limits to children’s dreams, no barrier to their ambition. They dream vividly. And play passionately. It’s this invincibility and imagination that makes everything seem possible and within reach. So why ever stop dreaming? Continue to explore and push the outer limits. Be a child at heart and go far, far far.

Cougar – A Force of Nature

Forest floors, volcanoes, sweeping landscapes, and even a tiny amphbian. Domtar has called upon the natural elements to demonstrate the essential elements of Cougar papers in a dramatic new printed piece.