A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated in International Print Day this year! Over here at Domtar, we had a blast participating in the event and seeing print lovers from all over the world unite via social media.


As a print, paper and design lover, the component that I found most impressive was the #IPD17 poster, designed by Craig A. Bower of Design That Rocks. The fresh design, along with the accompanying augmented reality experience from Miralupa, perfectly illustrated all the joy and outstanding results that print has to offer.

With so much talk about the #IPD17 design, we couldn’t help but be curious about the designer behind the fantastic work:

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Craig A. Bower, and I am the owner and Chief Rocker of Design That Rocks. I’m a strategic and passionate creative design professional with nearly 30 year’s experience focused on branding and marketing utilizing visual design, printing, web and social media. I’m a speaker, print champion and dedicated KISS Army member.

As a creative, what do you love about print?
My creative design career has always been deeply rooted in pre-press and print. While I’ve spent many years working with nearly all types of print, it was through 20 years in flexography that I learned to appreciate the respect for print that I have to this day. For me, print is all about the process and the human interaction. Follow the right process and you can invoke the human interaction that you want. We can touch print, hold it, fold it, tear it…it both reminds us and makes sure we never forget…all without having to keep a battery charged for the experience.

What’s your connection to International Print Day? How did you become involved?
I became connected as a participant in the weekly #printchat on twitter. I jokingly mentioned to Deborah Corn from Print Media Centr that we should have a poster to celebrate and promote the day. She said we definitely should, and from there I worked on some thoughts until I felt I had something worthy of sharing.

We love the look of the poster – it’s unique compared to how print is usually represented. What concept were you going for with the design? What was your inspiration?
Thank you! My inspiration was really looking at the theme of #PRINTUX. User experience is really used much more in the web and computer application worlds as it defines the overall experience of a person using it. Taking that same concept to print is a natural evolution of the definition, and inspired me to look at how this could visually be conveyed in a poster design. The concept of the smiling faces in speech bubbles represents many people, talking and sharing their experience with print. The CMYK colors reference print of course, but also the diversity of humans engaged in the print experience talking, sharing, and responding positively.

Anything else you want to say about #IPD17?
I think the concept of International Print Day is something that print has needed for a long time. Any successful designer or marketing pro still needs to incorporate print into their strategies in this age of social and digital dominance when it can be effective. Spreading the word and creating a day to help celebrate this valuable user experience is something we can share, enjoy and build on throughout the year.

Thanks for chatting with us Craig!

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