As a design professional, it’s pretty easy to fall into a creative rut. Let’s face it, day in and day out of following corporate guidelines and templates or having the marketing folks ask for the 100th time “can we make the logo bigger?” will eventually dull your creative edge.


As with everything else, design trends can change in the blink of a nanosecond. At this stage in my career, I’m 43, it’s more important than ever to really stay up to speed on what’s going on with trends in the design community.


Here are some of the resources I use to freshen up my graphic design process and gain some more inspiration. (yes there’s 3 b’s):

Dribbble’s purpose is simple, it’s “show and tell for designers.” Dribbble is a community of web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects. This is my go-to source of graphic design inspiration when I’m really struggling.



Yes, the site known more recipes, impossible to do DIY projects and more is quite the resource for design inspiration. From logo design to hand-lettering, Pinterest is quite the treasure trove for little nuggets of designy goodness!


Step away:

Yes, you heard that correctly. Walk away. Close your laptop and think about or work on something unrelated to your project. Draw inspiration from your surroundings.

One of my favorite designers, Aaron Draplin, finds inspiration by going “junkin.” He visits antique stores and finds inspiration in vintage logos on a range of items from vintage machinery badges all the down to matchbooks.


Inspiration, like anything else, relies on a balance. You can’t be 100% creatively charged all the time. Sometimes you have to employ tactics to get you over the hump. What’s your favorite way to get your creativity back on track?


Another resource to help fuel your creativity is the Blueline Gallery. We’ve curated a collection of projects that showcase big dreams and bold ideas. All played out on Domtar paper.