Despite our digital world and the convenience it can offer, printed news remains effective and relevant. Here are some of the benefits of printed news:


  • You are able to focus on the articles you want to read without getting distracted by flashy ads or imbedded hyperlinks that will jump you to another web page soon trapping you, as Jack Shafer states in his Politico article, “like a rat in a maze, forever clicking”. All of these distractions often hinder people from finishing the article they originally wanted to read. Print allows you to give a story your undivided attention and actually complete it leaving you with an accomplished feeling rather than the sense that there is still so much more you need to read and the stress that can cause.


  • Better reading comprehension. This one is simple! Research has shown time and time again that readers comprehend and retain more information when reading printed news than they do when reading it digitally.


  • Print doesn’t only benefit the consumer; it also offers advantages to the advertiser. As quoted by GfK’s Mediamark Research and Intelligence’s Mickey Galin in an American Marketing Association article, “The overall experience of consuming print brands pairs content with advertising in a seamless way [so that some] readers actually want to see the advertising that’s carried in the [print] brands that they consume.” Additionally a study done by GfK Panel Services proved that “magazine and newspapers have the highest ROI, at 125%, compared with other ad mediums including TV and digital, which weigh in at 87%”.


  • Print can even boost awareness of your digital presence. By including QR codes and URL’s in printed articles and ads you can direct traffic to websites and then track how much activity was generated from them.


To sum it all up I feel like Shafer put it best in his Politico article. “When it comes to really taking something in, the difference between reading online and newsprint is like the difference between driving to the neighborhood grocery store and walking. Reading online speeds things, usually to the point that they begin to blur. But reading newsprint slows you down, giving your news absorption a ‘human scale’ feel, and lends clarity to the experience. News is best sipped like whiskey, not chugged like beer.”


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