It’s that time of year for students to head back to the classroom, and as every parent is diligently stocking up on school supplies, be sure to include plenty of paper. A recent report by the Paper and Packaging Board revealed that paper is thriving in the classroom, despite a generation of students who have never known the world without the internet.


Some more interesting statistics from the report include:

  • 57% of parents agree that their child remembers assignments better when their child writes them down
  • 43% of parents read with their children from a paper book
  • 82% of college student almost always use paper to prepare for exams
  • The average college student uses 11 textbooks, 11 notebooks and 130 flashcards to study
  • The number one way college faculty like to give feedback is by making comments and edits on paper


To sum it up, paper plays in important role in the whole learning process.  We trust it, we rely on it and it ultimately plays a role in our success.