With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in full swing, the eyes of the world are on Rio.  The excitement of watching the world’s best athletes compete on a global stage is undeniable.  Throughout the process – whether it’s popular sports like swimming and gymnastics, or more obscure ones like race walking (aka speed walking – yes, it’s actually a thing), there’s always a focus on results.


Who won the gold medal?


Was a world record broken?


Which country is leading in the coveted medal count?


So it’s fitting that during this same time, the results of Domtar’s sustainability performance are also in.  While slightly less dramatic than the events in Rio, Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update prove that the company continues to make progress towards its own goals of being best-in-class.


In fact, this piece compliments Domtar’s award-winning 2015 Sustainability Report, which itself was recently recognized in a 3BL webinar as “a refreshing change” from the average CSR report.  Designed to be more engaging and relevant to the average person, a heavy emphasis was placed on personal stories and colorful graphics.


In that spirit, I decided that it was better to show, rather than tell, how Domtar continues to demonstrate sustainability leadership within the industry:




Perhaps it’s fitting, but these facts do indeed appear in gold throughout the brochure.  To learn more, view Domtar’s full 2016 Sustainability Update.