It is spring and tis’ the season for print conferences (apparently); all in one month and practically all on the same week. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and our fearless road warriors are weary from their travels but we’re all back and reflecting on how great each of the events were and what each of us has taken away from them. There was a lot to come out of each and by no means is the below list meant to be exhaustive, but here are a few highlights:



With a focus on book/periodical printing and production mail; Jetcomm held in San Antonio April 13th and 14th really focused on the shift towards inkjet as the equipment continues to promote increased output capabilities. Breakout sessions focused on achieving optimal results from inkjet and the shift into higher volume applications. The top trends discussed included the shift to higher ink coverage and how to address output quality expectations. But the big news was HDNA or High Definition Nozzle Architecture which doubles the native print resolution of current HP inkjet print heads. With dual drop weight technology, these new print heads are resetting the bar for inkjet quality and performance.



DSCOOP or the Digital Solutions Cooperative was also held in San Antonio April 14th through 16th. This year, they opened up the event to everyone within the HP Graphic Solutions community; creating an even larger more dynamic event. With a focus on growing digital print, the educational sessions were broken up into 5 tracks – Leadership & Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Innovation, and Collaboration. Additionally, the attendees were graced with one of the best keynote speaker lineups I’ve seen – Steve Wozniak “The Woz”, Kevin O’Leary “Mr. Wonderful”, and Herm Edwards. On display were some of HP’s latest Indigo presses, and cross platform innovations – but the buzz was really around inkjet. We had on display one of our new inkjet print pieces and it was the first item to disappear (literally – we’re pretty sure we know who took them).


Inkjet Summit 

Held in Ponte Verde Beach, FL, April 18th– 20th, the Inkjet Summit was an invite only event that touts itself as the “Who’s Who” in the world of inkjet. With panel discussions and breakout sessions tailored to book, direct mail, transactional, or commercial printers; the focus was really on educating the vast majority of attendees interested in purchasing inkjet equipment (which was approximately 80%) on how to develop their inkjet strategies, understanding their options, and making major investment decisions. Much of the content dealt with overcoming challenges transitioning into inkjet, which included how to select the right paper – printers, shouldn’t test every paper available, they should be selective with their paper choices and linearize their equipment accordingly.


It’s truly been a great spring filled with conferences focused on digital and inkjet growth. Domtar is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the organizations who hosted these wonderful events.  We’re already looking forward to next year.