You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and probably money to create and design a compelling direct mail campaign. It’s mailing out to all of your key customers and it’s an integral component to the success of your campaign. It prints, mails, delivers, and what’s the first thing your customer see’s when they pull it out of their mailbox (insert drumroll here)….the envelope! That’s right the envelope, so it critical this isn’t an overlooked component of the overall project – the look, feel, and color of an envelope can have an impact on the success of your mail piece.


Did you know that Domtar offers a wide array of printing paper envelope options on the brands you already know and love? The same Cougar®, Lynx® Opaque Ultra, and Earthchoice® Colors & Hots® you count on to provide exceptional quality and reliability for all your print jobs is available in finely crafted envelopes to help you create a more integrated look and make the best first impression.


When considering an envelope for your job, the same parameters for any other print job need to be taken into consideration – print method, budget/mailing costs, deadlines, color, finish, paper weight, and the message you’re trying to convey. All of these can impact what envelope is right for your job. Other things to consider are opening style, seam style, flap style, size (typically its most cost effective and timely to go with a standard size), closure style, security needs, and windows. Your printer or local independent merchant can help you select the correct envelope for your job.


When quoting your next direct mail job, make sure you specify you want your envelopes produced on the matching Domtar printing papers – small and large projects alike can enjoy a matching envelope to enhance and deliver the results required for success.