Think of Augmented Reality as a way to fuse the real and the virtual for the benefit of your audience. It allows a very real printed piece to cross borders to the digital realm and create cross-channel applications for brands. You can use it to play a simple promotion video or even demonstrate a product benefit, like the Postal Service® did for its Flat Rate Boxes.


The potential of AR is robust, but what’s exciting is the opportunity it presents for print to tap into video. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost tripled. It’s difficult to find any indicator that doesn’t suggest rapid growth for video.


Using Augmented Reality in a printed piece allows the reader to instantly access a video without forcing them to search through a vast array of videos on a YouTube channel or website. There are also an array of Augmented Reality options to choose from, many of which are cost effective and aren’t difficult to implement.


A great example of effective Augmented Reality usage is our latest edition of Print Works! titled The Many Sides of Print. For this project, we chose to use LayAR because it was easy and quick to use; no custom programming required! Simply create a video as you normally do for youtube or any web use and followed the simple steps in LayAR’s video below:



For the end user, the experience of using the LayAR app is even easier: simply download the LayAR app from the App Store or Google Play and scan. The video below goes through the easy process in greater detail: