Saying that the first year of marriage is very important is probably an understatement. For many it is a year of adjustments that hopefully includes some amazing times but most likely some tough ones too.

If you knock out that first year and are ready for many more, then you deserve an unforgettable anniversary celebration. So, what better way to celebrate this milestone than with paper? After all, paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary and we believe it was wisely picked as such.

According to the blog, Paper Anniversary by Anna V., it is believed that paper is the traditional symbol for the first anniversary because it signifies writing the blank pages of a new chapter in life. It also is a fragile material which represents the delicate state of a new marriage. Another reason it is such a great fit for the first anniversary is that paper comes from trees which grow and flourish from a tiny seed, a good representation of the life cycle of relationships. As Anna states in her blog, “Despite digital technology, paper remains valuable because it symbolizes preservation and eternal knowledge.”

Nash Country Weekly reported that country singer Jerrod Niemann and his wife Morgan decided to exchange traditional gifts for their recent first anniversary. We must give props to Jerrod, he did an amazing job! For the first phase of the night he put little envelopes on their dogs with letters that set up the evening plans. Then he had champagne and paper flowers waiting on her before they took off to her favorite restaurant where he had yet another surprise in place, customized menus made just for them by the famous chef Maneet Chauhan. He topped the evening off with one last gift, a signed copy of Chauhan’s new cookbook.  Morgan also came up with an amazing paper gift idea for Jerrod. She had a custom piece of art made out of the sheet music from their first dance song, “Behind Closed Doors”.

In my eyes not many gifts are as timeless and classic as paper gifts. A lot of gift items are trends that only last so long or items that once used are tossed or forgotten. Paper entities on the other hand are usually things to be kept and cherished for a lifetime or more. So if you have a first anniversary coming up we suggest you go the traditional route and exchange paper gifts, they will always be there to bring back memories from the beginning of your love story.