The Book Industry Guild of New York (BIGNY) is a member-operated professional organization composed of professionals from every aspect of the book publishing and book manufacturing industries. This week, I had the opportunity to attend BIGNY’s 29th Annual New York Book Show. This event encourages, highlights and celebrates the excellence in book production and design. All of the award-winning books were displayed around the room so everyone could enjoy the beauty of the printed book. Attendees ranged from manufacturers and distributors to publishers, designers and writers. According to the judges, they had stellar submissions and it was difficult selecting winners from so many beautifully designed books with such high production quality. To be recognized at this event is a major accomplishment and truly showcases the quality of work.






Janet McCarthy-Grimm, Vice President of Lindenmeyr Book Publishing in New York is on the Executive Committee for BIGNY and has been involved with this organization for years. She said, “This year’s Book Show, the 29th annual event, show-cased the most beautifully produced books by category.  The excitement of the evening was palpable as everyone examined the printing, paper and binding for the winning entries!  Several people were making lists of which ones they needed to go purchase, probably on the way home from the show!”