If you don’t pay attention to each customer and provide them with something out of the ordinary, you risk being lumped in with all the other printers out there. Nothing good can come of that.


Instead, figure out ways to impress customers and let them know what a valuable resource you are. Not to mention a printing genius!


To make this happen, it helps to think like a customer. Some customers are motivated by price. Some are wowed by amazing special effects. Others need your help in designing a print project to do what it’s supposed to do, because they don’t have the experience to do it themselves. Others, like graphic designers, may be more influenced by actual samples of work you’ve done that are incredibly gorgeous.


One way to find out what matters most to your customers is to ask them up front. Wouldn’t this be pretty easy? It’s not like there’s an infinite number of key motivators. You could create a simple poll to send to all new customers in an email to find out what matters to them. Even better, you could build a simple page on your site for this short poll, which would make it much easier to tally the responses and track them.


Since print customers expect every printer to do the work 1) on time, 2) as estimated, and 3) printed to a certain level of good quality, you have to presume they expect all three from your company. So you need to figure out what would make them a lifelong customer as well as sing your praises to others.


Maybe your little poll would ask them to order the following from 1 to 5, in descending order, with 1 being “Most Important to Me.”


Here’s how that poll might look…


What Could We Deliver that Would Get Your Attention?

We want to make sure we deliver what you need from us! Please number the following from 1 to 5, with 1 being “Most Important to Me!” and 5 being “Not High on My Radar.” Also, if we missed what REALLY matters, please write it in under “Something else.”

_ Creative ideas and suggestions that will improve a job

_ Samples showing work you’ve done that’s unique in some way

_ Manufacturing trends and cutting-edge applications that we should be aware of

_ Educational offerings from time to time to keep us in-the-know

_ New paper trends and ideas

_  Something else __________________


Of course, you want to collect the customer’s name and email in case you choose to respond.


As time goes by and you collect answers, patterns should emerge. Maybe most customers really want fresh ideas from you, or need more news about paper trends. And since you have each respondent’s name and email, you can tell if there are patterns based on industry or job function. This can be helpful for building new business.


Your competition isn’t getting this kind of information, which means you can start delivering what customers most want. It’s an easy way to become a super special print service provider.