What Color are You?

I asked 7 of my friends what color would best describe them, and why.

I must say I was a little surprised by some of the answers. It was interesting to see what color they chose, but even more interesting to see how they described themselves through that color.

As you’ll see below, some of them chose the same color, but their perception of the color was different.
#1 – Yellow (bright, happy, positive)
#2 – Pink (pretty, feminine, attractive)
#3 – Pink (girl power, happy, bold, soft and fluffy)
#4 – Yellow (positive and upbeat)
#5 – Red (bright and happy)
#6 – Red (passionate about people, love, and intense emotion)
#7 – Aqua (sweet and kind, but can also be unkind and ornery)

I conducted this experiment because I noticed that certain colors in our EarthChoice Colors and HOTS lines have seasonal peaks. For example, pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness; orchid in April for Easter; red and green for Christmas, and so on.
These colors have significant meaning, but is there really any truth to “color psychology?”

Do they really impact your mood, behavior or feelings? While I can’t find any scientific data to support this, I have to admit that I tend to go for brighter colors when I’m in a good mood and darker ones when I’m not.

So whether you need a calm, soothing pastel or a bold, bright fluorescent, you have many choices with EarthChoice Colors and HOTS . Which color are you?