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Want to see what Domtar is up to? We work on innovative promotions to show you the capabilities of our paper to both inspire you and help make the decision making process easier. Great graphic design meets impactful printing techniques; it’s all on display in our promotions.

Explore Lynx

The thrill of exploration is that it doesn’t have an endpoint. Learning and growing beyond what once seemed impossible is how you thrive. And the greatest of these discoveries can be found in the places that have always been there – but haven’t been explored to their fullest potential. Explore Lynx is a paper promotion […]

The Paper Trail Z-Fold

Have you ever wondered where your paper come from?  The Paper Trail, Domtar’s digital transparency tool, provides users with a look at the people and places behind our products, as well as their environmental, social and economic impacts.  Reminiscent of a map, The Paper Trail Z-Fold is a unique printed piece that provides an overview […]

Share on Cougar®

Share on Cougar® demonstrates how sharing is a fundamental human virtue rooted in our desire for connectivity and social interaction. This latest brochure features submissions from our Blueline Gallery along with a Q&A from each graphic designer that created the work submitted.

LIVE on Cougar®

Each of us brings a unique perspective to life, and our individual experiences add diversity and beauty to the world around us. Live on Cougar inspires us to go beyond existing, to truly start living. We’ve collected  “Secrets to Live” from artists, philosophers, politicians, scientists, and ordinary people, and printed them on Cougar paper to share with […]

Saddle Up With Lynx

Right out of the gate, you know you’re going to be in for a wild ride. From its Hatch Show Print inspired cover, featuring vivid spot colors and a sculptured emboss to a glittered rodeo princess and massive flocked bull – this brochure is a real show stopper.