The Domtar Collection of Fine Papers – We Make Paper So You Can Make a Choice.


The Domtar Collection of Fine Papers – We Make Paper So You Can Make a Choice.



Designing for Digital Marketing Media

With technology changing so quickly, designing for digital marketing media has become an expectation.  From interactive websites to animated videos and 3D effects, it’s difficult not to be fascinated with the capabilities and talent behind these creations.  Despite the cool factor, if a website, video or social post does not achieve the goals and objectives set for that design, the...

The Power of Print in Higher Education

HOW PRINT CAN HELP YOUR SCHOOL STAND OUT The higher education market has become increasingly competitive in recent years as schools contend for prospective students. Students, however, aren’t the only audience that schools must reach.

Customer Experience and the Rise of Print Marketing

The customer experience is at the forefront of many marketing conversations. Customer expectations have changed so much in recent years with the rise of technology. While technology has evolved, some core principals haven’t changed and that is having a personal relationship with your customer. Print marketing excels in this area because it can be personalized, dynamic and it’s tactile. Many...

Sustainability Beyond the Forest

Earlier this month over 100 countries celebrated World Environment Day, the date set aside by the UN to encourage the protection of our shared planet.  This year’s World Environment Day theme was similar to that of Earth Day 2018 – “Beat Plastic Pollution”. ...

3 Projects Enhanced by Heavyweight Papers

Ask any creative about their preference on paper weight and they’ll tell you—the heavier, the better. Maybe it’s the significant amount of substance it adds to the printed piece, or maybe it’s the additional options for post-press techniques—either way, there’s just something about heavyweight papers that graphic designers absolutely love. ...