The Domtar Collection of Fine Papers – We Make Paper So You Can Make a Choice.


The Domtar Collection of Fine Papers – We Make Paper So You Can Make a Choice.



Augmented Reality in Print – Top Four Things to Consider When Beginning a Project

Augmented Realty (AR) is certainly a hot topic, and it’s easy to see why—this technology seamlessly blends a variety of different communication methods in a single, user-friendly omni-channel experience. From the Ikea catalog allowing customers an opportunity to virtually test a sofa, to Print Media Centr’s 3D peacock that introduces the audience to Project Peacock participants,  to...

Innovative Designers and Print Providers Who Pushes the Boundaries of Print

As a creative with over a decade of experience, I’ve always had professional and personal goals for every new project I create. My professional goal is always to create something that WORKS. It’s always fun to come up with a beautiful design, but consistently creating designs that generate a measurable response propels a designer’s career and keep clients coming back for more. My personal...

Back to Print Basics Part II: 5 Tips Before You Hit “Send”

When it comes to print projects, you can pretty much predict the how the production process will go based on how much prep was done ahead of time. It’s like that old carpentry proverb, “measure twice, cut once.” There’s a lot of wisdom to this. But in our on-demand, convenience-driven culture it’s easy to eschew that advice as outdated and unnecessary. And that would be a big mistake,

Back to Print Basics Part I: 5 Tips to Remember

With more time dedicated to design destined for electronic consumption in both formal education and work application, there is room for training on how to best design for print.  Whether you're new to designing for print or a seasoned veteran, remembering these basic tips can save you time and money. Chris Hageman, an industry veteran andOperations/Sales Manager for JMaxx  shared a few...

4 Tips for Selecting a Print Shop

It’s the start of a New Year. A natural time of change. One of those changes may include selecting a new print shop for your projects. As a marketer and creative, there are several factors that I look for in a print shop. What should you look for when selecting a new print shop? ...

Tips for Augmented Reality and Your Print Strategy

While attending Print17 - Graph Expo in Chicago earlier this year I learned new information about print strategy and Augmented Reality through a Learning Experience session co-led by Cindy Walas and Kevin Keane.  Cindy spent close to 30 years as a print production director before forming her own consulting company.  Kevin has run organizations in the global graphic arts for 30 years, is an...