Lynx On Tap


UofTMed Magazine

UofTMed Magazine. Created by Raj Grainger. Printed by Somerset on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 100 lb. Cover and 80 lb. Text.

Aquinas College Magazine

Aquinas College Magazine. Created by Stone + Steel Creative. Printed by Lithographics, Inc. on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 80 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook

Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook. Created by Design Ranch – Designer: Morgan Stephens, Creative Direction: Ingred Sidie, Michelle Sonderegger and Nathaniel Cooper. Printed by MPress on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 70 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

ATI Pulse Campaign

ATI Pulse Campaign. Design by DMH. Printed by Spangler Graphics on Lynx® Opaque Ultra, 100 lb. Cover.

ACE Awards Book

ACE Awards Book. Design by Starburst Creative – Creative Direction: Rob Jennings, Art Direction: Kelly Nyvoll and Brenna Voogd, Copywriting: Brock Harrison. Printed by McCallum Printing Group on Lynx® Opaque Ultra, 80 lb. Text.

Lynx Garage

Domtar’s newest Lynx® Opaque Ultra print promotion, titled Lynx Garage — Pride. Passion. Performance is a conventionally printed brochure featuring numerous pages of tricked-out hot rods, tools, and all the grease and grit you’d expect from the boys at a custom shop.

Lynx – Hot Off the Press

Are you ready to Rock? Really ready? We mean, are you prepared for the most Heavy-hitting performance you’ve ever put your eyeballsto? Can you handle the brightness, the loudness, the all-out blitz of brilliant color? Are you ready to leap onto your chair, thrust your lighter into the air, and scream for more ‘til you […]

Lynx Opaque Ultra Swatchbook

Lynx® Opaque Ultra features all the qualities you love about Lynx Opaque — accelerated. With improved print quality and sheet formation, a striking 96 brightness, true white shade and increased opacity on 50 lb., 60 lb. and 70 lb. text, it’s noticeably changed. And we think you’ll like what you see.