Colour Canada

Colour Canada. Designed by Kevin Louis of Kevin Louis Design (Vancouver B.C. Canada). Printed by Print It Productions on Cougar 80 lb. Text and 80 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish.

Wayward Arts – Canada 150: Arrivals

Wayward Arts – Canada 150: Arrivals. Designed by St. Bernadine (Vancouver B.C. Canada). Printed by Flash Reproductions (Etobicoke, ON Canada) on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Oberlin Illuminated

Oberlin Illuminated. Designed by Oberlin College. Printed by Oliver Printing and Packaging Company on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

You & UT – McCombs Leadership Guide 2016

You & UT – McCombs Leadership Guide 2016. Created by Jennifer Singer, Art Director at University of Texas at Austin Creative Services. Printed on Cougar 100 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish.

Kent State University Fashion Book

Kent State University Fashion Book. Designed by Kent State University. Printed by Oliver Printing Company on Cougar Super Smooth 80 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

Allegra Marketing Coloring Book

Allegra Marketing Coloring Book. Created by Allegra Marketing Services. Printed by Allegra Marketing Services on Cougar® 100 lb. Text.

Avonlea Leasing Brochure

Avonlea Leasing Brochure. Design by House of Current. Printed by ProGraphics on Cougar® 130 lb. Cover and 80 lb. Cover.