Wayward Arts – Canada 150: Arrivals

Wayward Arts – Canada 150: Arrivals. Designed by St. Bernadine (Vancouver B.C. Canada). Printed by Flash Reproductions (Etobicoke, ON Canada) on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Ashbury + Oak

Ashbury + Oak. Designed by Colin Campbell of Colin Campbell Design (Delta, B.C. Canada). Printed by Glenmore Printing (Richmond B.C. Canada) on Cougar 13o lb. Cover and Cougar 80 lb. Cover, Super Smooth Finish.

Bulleit Distillery postcard

Bulleit Distillery postcard. Designed by Cricket Press (Lexington, KY). Letterpress printed by Hound Dog Press (Louisville, KY) on Cougar Natural 100 lb. Cover.

Oberlin Illuminated

Oberlin Illuminated. Designed by Oberlin College. Printed by Oliver Printing and Packaging Company on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Central Bible College brochure

Title: Central Bible College brochure. Client: Central Bible College. Designed by Brian Fowler, Creative Director, Hampton Creative – Tulsa, OK. Printed on Cougar® paper.

Casey Family Programs collateral

Client: Casey Family Programs. Designed by Kevin Biesiadecki, Art Director/Graphic Designer, Casey Family Programs, Seattle, WA.