UofTMed Magazine

UofTMed Magazine. Created by Raj Grainger. Printed by Somerset on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 100 lb. Cover and 80 lb. Text.

Explore Lynx

The thrill of exploration is that it doesn’t have an endpoint. Learning and growing beyond what once seemed impossible is how you thrive. And the greatest of these discoveries can be found in the places that have always been there – but haven’t been explored to their fullest potential. Explore Lynx is a paper promotion […]

Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook

Kansas City Art Institute Viewbook. Created by Design Ranch – Designer: Morgan Stephens, Creative Direction: Ingred Sidie, Michelle Sonderegger and Nathaniel Cooper. Printed by MPress on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 70 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover.

ATI Pulse Campaign

ATI Pulse Campaign. Design by DMH. Printed by Spangler Graphics on Lynx® Opaque Ultra, 100 lb. Cover.

ACE Awards Book

ACE Awards Book. Design by Starburst Creative – Creative Direction: Rob Jennings, Art Direction: Kelly Nyvoll and Brenna Voogd, Copywriting: Brock Harrison. Printed by McCallum Printing Group on Lynx® Opaque Ultra, 80 lb. Text.

Pegasus Magazine

Pegasus Magazine. Art Direction by Lauran Haar and Steve Webb of the University of Central Florida – Orlando, FL. Printed by Lane Press – Burlington, VT. Printed on Lynx Opaque Ultra 70 lb. Text.

Building Hope: St. Joseph Orphanage 2015 Annual Report

Building Hope: St. Joseph Orphanage 2015 Annual Report. Designed by Theresa Rosenacker – Cincinnati, OH. Printed by Wendling Printing Company – Newport, KY. Printed on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 100 lb. Text and Cover.

Maine College of Art and Design Viewbook

Maine College of Art and Design Viewbook. Designed by Jessica Simmons of Simmons Ardell – South Portland, Maine. Printing by J. S. McCarthy Printers – Augusta, Maine. Printed on Lynx 80# Opaque Text.