Blueline Gallery

Here’s to the risk takers, the trendsetters, the socially responsible. Here’s to creatives, designers and printers who put heart and soul into their work and then trust it to the Cougar, Lynx, Husky and EarthChoice brands. We’ve curated a collection of projects that showcase big dreams and bold ideas. All played out on Domtar paper.



KAKEE Holiday Card 2016

KAKEE Holiday Card 2016. Designed by Emmanuelle Montiglio and Jacinthe Proulx of KAKEE Design Graphique Responsable. Printed on EarthChoice HOTS Lemon, 60 lb. Text.

In Stock, Volume 2, Issue 2

In Stock, Volume 2, Issue 2. Designed by Carol Quade. Printed on Cougar® 100 lb. Cover and Cougar® 100 lb. Text, Super Smooth Finish.

Tennessee Craft Cards

Tennessee Craft Cards. Printed by Lithographics, Inc. on Cougar® 100 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish.

EMERGENCE: Graphic Design Senior Exhibition poster

EMERGENCE: Graphic Design Senior Exhibition at Sam Houston University. Professor: Anthony Watkins. Student Designers: Jackson Mahlke, Ashton Miller, Drake Preston, Kimberly Young. Printed by Complete Printing on Cougar Smooth 100 lb. Text.

UofTMed Magazine

UofTMed Magazine. Created by Raj Grainger. Printed by Somerset on Lynx® Opaque Ultra 100 lb. Cover and 80 lb. Text.

O’More College of Design Catalog

O’More College of Design Catalog. Printed by Lithographics, Inc. on Cougar® 100 lb. Cover and Husky® Opaque Offset, 60 lb. Text.

End of Watch

End of Watch by Stephen King. Simon & Schuster. Printed on EarthChoice® Tradebook 50 lb. Cream.

Allegra Marketing Coloring Book

Allegra Marketing Coloring Book. Created by Allegra Marketing Services. Printed by Allegra Marketing Services on Cougar® 100 lb. Text.