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Adobe Max Creative Conference – A Sure Bet

The Creative Conference You Can't Miss What an experience! My first Adobe MAX Creative Conference and my first trip to Las Vegas. Talk about a sensory overload. I am happy to say that this creative conference lived up to the hype for me.

3 Relationship Building Rules for Working with Printers

By nature, I’m in the business of relationship building. It’s hardwired into my DNA and this particular trait has been invaluable as I’ve worked with printers on my many print jobs over the years. I’ve always considered printers to be a valued partner that can make the difference between a project being good or great. Over the course of many print projects, I have developed the...

The Secret to Getting a Good Price

When it comes to print and paper, the options are endless. You can choose from coated or uncoated, smooth or vellum, text or cover…the list goes on and on. When you really think about it, that's the beauty of print - each project is a custom made to the specifications given. But custom doesn’t require breaking the bank either. ...