The 13th annual Dscoop conference took place March 25-28 at the Gaylord Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. It’s a gathering hosted by HP and supported by partners, like Domtar, whose products interact with HP’s array of digital printing equipment.  The 4-day event functions as a place to network, learn and witness digital printing presses in action. The showcase room features partner booths with the latest substrate samples and finishing equipment.  The show functions as a major collaborative effort to explore the vast potential of digital printing.

Each day kicks off with a keynote speaker in the main auditorium to address over 1,000 people as they share success stories of companies and brands.  There isn’t enough space to give proper credit to each of the speakers but I want to share some of the key themes from the keynote messages. The impressive lineup featured Dan Heath, author of several books including “The Power of Moments” which encouraged the crowd to think of ways to create services that have peak moments. Dan related the idea to print when he mentioned that most of the mementos that we have in our homes are printed. Birth certificates, ticket stubs, awards and newspaper clippings are things we hang on to because they recall a peak moment in our lives.

Emcee for the event was Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping.”  Andrew has an energetic personality which helps set a tone of enthusiasm as each day kicks off. Andrew shared three key messages that resonated with the Dscoop audience.

  1. Print is a differentiator in a digitally driven world.
  2. Print can maximize anticipation especially as it relates to a new or updated offering.
  3. In the digital world, the only thing that differentiates your brand is a high-quality print project.

One new addition to this year’s Dscoop experience was an additional day that focused on the creative side of print. A full morning showcased several thought leaders from the design and advertising sectors. It’s a good forum to bridge the print and design worlds that can only serve to improve the realm of campaigns. Kudos to the leaders of Dscoop for this addition. Dana Arnett kicked off this session.  Dana has over 30 years of design and cinematography experience with plenty of engaging stories and videos to share.  He has a resume filled with iconic brand work. IBM, Converse, Goose Island Beer and Harley Davidson are on the list. He made the point that “print jumps across the streams of digital media.”

After each days’ kickoff in the main auditorium, it’s back to school time with an elective of classes on a variety of topics surrounding digital print. The vast array of topics can help the front end of production to the finishing department with some information geared to the C-suite and some for the production team.  Dscoop Dallas is a must-attend event for anyone involved in print and can elevate your business with industry insights, educations and tools.