As a creative with over a decade of experience, I’ve always had professional and personal goals for every new project I create. My professional goal is always to create something that WORKS. It’s always fun to come up with a beautiful design, but consistently creating designs that generate a measurable response propels a designer’s career and keep clients coming back for more. My personal goal, on the other hand, has always been to create and produce the sort of pieces that people hold on to as a source of inspiration.

Maybe this is why I’ve ended up devoting so much of my career to print. After all, stats like direct mail generating a 29% higher brand recall than digital advertising alone are hard to deny. The personal connection between print and paper need little introduction. Think about it—when was the last time you saved an eBlast, moving it from inbox to inbox as you switched jobs, because you were that inspired by it? When I left my previous job almost seven years ago to work at Domtar, one of the things I carried with me was a box of uniquely printed brochures, promotions and invitations that inspired me to push my creative limits. I’d venture to say nearly every creative has this sort of collection.

That combination of creating print that both WORKS and functions as a source of inspiration are the foundation of our Blueline Gallery. Over the years, we’ve received submissions from printers, graphic designers and our merchant partners that have been printed on Domtar paper…particularly on everyone’s favorite brand, Cougar.

These designs have inspired content in our blogs, articles in our Blueline Magazine and conversations with our customers resulting in boundary-pushing promotions and other outstanding resources that help you use Domtar paper to bring your brand to life and enhance your creative vision and marketing objectives. A few of our most popular submissions from 2017 were:

Paper Dolls of Unusual Kind. Designed by Anja Kroencke, printed by Datagraphic on Cougar 80 lb. and 100 lb. Cover, Smooth finish.

Refined, playful and fun, this eclectic collection of hand-illustrated paper dolls inspire

imaginative play in children of all ages.


Ashbury + Oak. Designed by Colin Campbell Design, printed by Glenmore Printing on Cougar 130 lb. Cover and 80 lb. Cover, Super Smooth Finish.

From the soft touch varnish, to the emboss on the cover, to the incredible photography and design—every aspect of this brochure sets a tranquil and nostalgic mood.


CIA: Creativity Matters. Designed internally at the Cleveland Institute of Art, printed by Oliver Printing Company on Cougar 80 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish.

Featuring vivid color, this beautifully printed piece was featured in Millcraft Paper’s Rediscover Cougar event.


Area Real Estate Advisors. Designed by Design Ranch, printed by J&J Printing on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish.

Using only text weight paper, this smartly executed printed piece stands out as a fantastic example of intelligent print design.

This year, we want to see more of your work and learn how marketing professionals, designers and printers have collaborated to push the boundaries of print and design on one of our Domtar Printing Papers brands—Cougar, Lynx, Husky or EarthChoice Colors + HOTS.  We’ve featured some of the best designs in our Blueline Magazinesubmit your work tour Blueline Gallery this year and you too could be featured in print!

Also, be sure to stay connected with us through Instagram and Facebook to see what your peers are doing and how they taking their print designs on Domtar paper to a whole new level in 2018. We want to engage and build excitement over your work and redefine awe-inspiring print in the digital age.

“All great ideas begin on paper”


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