Academic branding begins with intention and identity, and print is an essential element.

Behind every academic brand there are people, aspirations, discoveries and achievements.

I’m proud to announce our latest Cougar® promotion: Make Your Mark on Cougar®—The Educator. In this promotion, we continue last year’s examination into the different types of people who seek to make their mark. This time, we’re focusing specifically on the unique world of higher education to illustrate how Cougar® can make a brand stand out—even in the most challenging and competitive markets.

Make_Your_Mark_The_Educator_Academic_Branding_2With print, higher education institutions put their promises on paper—it remains a tangible symbol of unyielding character and integrity, while also appealing to multiple generations.

Colleges and universities have ideas to share and possibilities to explore making academic branding a critical for marketers in higher education. Engineered to communicate distinction and integrity with outstanding quality, Cougar® is made for brands looking to offer perspective and encourage their audience to participate, contribute and grow. The offering in the Cougar® line is built to showcases everything any brand has to offer. Featuring an extensive selection including bright white and natural shades, three finishes and weights from 50 lb. Text to 160 lb. Double Thick Cover, Cougar® reflects the legacy that higher education institutions are founded upon and is built to generate a lasting impact.

No matter the challenges you may face, the message you need to communicate or the audience you need to reach, Cougar® is here to uphold your brand’s legacy. In the pursuit of excellence, trust Cougar® to express your brand’s passion, personality and purpose.

Order your complimentary Make Your Mark on Cougar®–The Educator promotion.


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