Your Paper Selection Matters

On a late summer trip to Kansas City,  I was able to visit several design companies and commercial printers with Marie Langdon, of Midland Paper and Tom Grever, the Domtar rep who manages the territory. Over the course of two days, we were able to see a wide variety of the versatility of Cougar paper and how creative professionals are making paper function for their business through the different paper selection options.

Mpress is a family owned and operated printing company that offers a variety of services to complement the ability to put ink on paper. On our visit, manager Ralph Myers shared a history book that was printed on Cougar Natural. The book is about how a reconstructed Europe looked after World War II.  The publisher had a limited number of copies produced and wanted the nostalgic look that an off-white shade of uncoated paper can give a history book. The paper selection in this project made all the difference in the overall project.

While we visited Christina Bechtel at Johnson County Community College, we were able to witness the delivery of their new Admissions kit.  Her design work had officially come to life in print and the admissions team was able to see it, hold it in their hands. Her option on Cougar® was white super smooth and included several die cuts and a unique fold on the brochure.  The excitement of the admissions team receiving the new materials was similar to Christmas morning when gifts are opened.


Area Real Estate Brochure | Courtesy of Nathaniel Cooper, Design Ranch. Photo by: Tom Latendresse from J & J Printing

Tad and Jessica Carpenter of Carpenter Collective have their own design studio in the city. They apply their design skills as illustrators of children’s books.  They use Cougar® Cover weights.  Tad also designs posters for musicians. They have a wall full of samples for music festivals, local bands and some of the most renowned performers in the world, like John Mayer.  His everyday house sheet for his poster collection is Cougar®, white or natural.

Tom Latendresse from J & J Printing has a portfolio of work that his firm has produced on Cougar®. His mix was a variety in and of itself. He has journals that have heavyweight Cougar® cover with dark solids.  His company has produced panel cards that are covered with fluorescent inks.  Letterhead with matching envelopes that highlight corporate logos all are enhanced by Cougar’s 98 bright, smooth finish.

Nathaniel  Cooper from Design Ranch has designed much of the work that J & J Printing produces. Design Ranch specializes in brand work that encompasses all parts of a corporate identity under one cohesive umbrella. The ability to hold solids on Cougar’s® variety of basis weights, especially the 130lb, 160lb Cover, make Cougar® a go-to sheet for Design Ranch.

Our last stop was a tour of Vahalla Studios in North Kansas City, where Dan Padavic is using Cougar White and Natural to produce limited edition silkscreen posters.  Vahalla’s work includes National Parks Map, Star Wars movies and some of the musical designs for Tad Carpenter.

National Parks Map | Vahalla Studios

In just a few square miles of Kansas City, we were able to see Cougar® utilized in multiple ways. The different paper selection in our Cougar® Paper Line also provided each project with a different look and feel. It’s an iconic brand that has been favored for 45 years and can be used to tell your client’s story for many years to come.

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