Using colored paper provides an eye-pleasing and creative solution to your organization woes

I don’t know about you, but the number of emails, proofs and proposals that come across my desk can be a bit overwhelming at times. In addition to this, I am also faced with dilemma of figuring out what takes priority.

Fortunately, the solution may lie within the very thing that seems to be the problem – paper.  More specifically using colored paper (like EarthChoice HOTS® and EarthChoice® Colors) as a means of organization and prioritization. Many studies have been done on how color triggers certain responses in the brain. Color coding is an easy yet effective thing you can do within your business to help keep you organized and on top of things.

Here are 3 important things to consider before organizing your documents with Colored Paper:

1. Assign a Meaning to a Color

Green paper can be assigned to finances. Blue paper can be used for medical Items. Reserve red paper for urgent items. You can either print documents out on the actual colored paper or use colored folders.

2. Assign Colors to Departments

Using the same idea as above, assign colors to departments. Pink paper can be for Human Resources, green paper for Finance and yellow paper for Digital. Associating a color with a department gives you a great visual clue as to what documents go with what meeting. So instead of searching for your finance meeting notes for twenty minutes, you can grab all of the green papers off your desk (or the green folder).

3. Take Notes on Colored Paper

Try printing or writing your meeting notes on colored paper.  Using colored paper increases reading comprehension and makes a mundane task a little more enjoyable.

The possibilities of using colored paper for organization are endless – and we want to hear how you use colored paper to organize your life and business. Be sure to add your comments below!

Not sure how to incorporate this?

For more information about the psychology of color:  The Psychology of Color and Brand Standards

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