In a recent post, we featured the Hawken School Stirn Hall Sales Packet—the Design Winner of Millcraft’s Rediscover Cougar event. Oberlin Illuminated, designed by Oberlin College and printed by Oliver Printing and Packaging Company, was the Print Winner. Oberlin College describes itself as “a beacon of light that provides a setting in which energy, creativity and progress are cultivated and celebrated.” This beautiful book celebrates those ideals through impeccable print and the tactile experience of paper.



When Domtar asked Millcraft about the ideation of the Rediscover Cougar event, Millcraft’s Director of Marketing & Sales Alignment, Courtney Enser responded:


“Each account manager gets to see the beautiful work being done on Cougar paper, but collectively our team and the creative print community is only exposed to their piece of the puzzle. This event was not only a great opportunity to partner with Domtar, but also to showcase how the quality of Cougar paper can magnify a brilliant design. All of the entries, including the Oberlin Illuminated piece designed by Oberlin College, were just another testament to Cougar’s ability to uplift the messaging of a brand and provide the beautiful canvas our customers need.”



Cougar paper was the natural choice to bring the Oberlin experience to life. The images of the campus truly leap off the page with their clarity and crispness. With minimal text and a complete focus on photography, the brand story is spoken loudly through the printing process with attention to finite detail and skin tones. The book conveys a feeling of exclusivity and distinctiveness— a perfect representation of an institution of higher learning.


With its refined surface, Cougar paper sets the perfect stage for passion and drama. And with every turn of the page, you’ll see a careful balance of shade, opacity and brightness. On Cougar, your story can be told over and over — in rich, vibrant hues and crystal-clear images. Cougar paper does more than send a message. It delivers — above and beyond, again and again.


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