I’ve worked as an in-house designer for most of my career. For teams like mine with small printing budgets and tight deadlines, digital printing has had immense value. Printing as a whole has been around for centuries. But, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that digital printing came on the scene. Unlike traditional offset printing the digital process eliminates the extra steps of creating films, platemaking and color proofing saving time and money on short runs. The digital printing advantage of quickly turning out affordable high-quality printed media in low quantities has revolutionized the printing industry.


While reading about the advantages of digital printing I’ve highlighted in this blog, keep in mind that selecting a paper that’s specifically engineered for digital printing equipment is still of the upmost importance for best results. Domtar offers a full line of uncoated Digital Printing Papers, most of which are readily available—perfect for those quick-turn jobs!


 So little time…

Speed is digital printing’s greatest asset in my opinion. Creating on a time crunch is simply part of an in-house designer’s job. Because my clients are always just down the hall, last minute changes are inevitable leaving less time for printing. Add to that the occasional error in the artwork and your left with a quick turn print order.


It’s under these circumstances that digital printing has been a tremendous asset. Turnaround times are as fast as overnight with digital, affording the designer more time to design and the client more time to review. Also, in the event an error is made after printing, reprinting is not as costly a mistake as traditional printing.


Don’t Stop the Presses

Another advantage digital printing offers is with variable print marketing campaigns. Digital allows for customized and personalized printed materials with its inline variable data ability. Information and graphics can be different on each printed piece without stopping or slowing down the press. Companies can now tailor print campaigns to address the interests of each audience. The automation ability of digital presses takes the versioning work out of the equation for designers.


 More Bang for Your Buck

I can only speak from my experience, but every company I’ve worked for has always had a conservative printing budget. Just the thing that can cramp a designer’s creative style, right?  Digital printing can offer a solution to those companies where budgets must be considered. So, when high quality small quantity print runs are required, digital is the way to go. Digital is very accurate since and its affordability cannot be matched against other printing methods.


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

Recent advances in digital printing presses have made specialty printing an option. Techniques, like die cutting and digital foil, white and metallic inks and coatings, traditionally only possible with offset printing, are now possible. And, with this more capable digital option you don’t have to sacrifice on paper choice. Digital presses are more able to printing paper and other media in varying sizes, thicknesses and finishes than ever before. In fact, Domtar offers a full line of uncoated Digital Printing Papers. This improvement has been a game changer for us paper lovers.


It is important to note that while digital has its advantages, conventional printing should not to be neglected. Offset printing is still considered to be superior in image quality, color fidelity, range of paper, ink and finishing options. Yet, there’s no question that digital printing has established its place in the printing industry and it continues to surpass expectations at each new advancement.