I spent the first 12 years of my career as a graphic designer, working in-house. During that time, I received countless invitations to in-house design contests that were branded in a way that didn’t appeal to me. The typical visuals were created by someone who hadn’t thoroughly researched the design process and what appeals to in-house designers. Common themes included something that alluded to a graph or PowerPoint. Not only did this not inspire me to enter the contest, it didn’t accurately portray the role of an in-house designer as the brand expert of a company or organization.


However, when I saw RGD’s 2016 In-house Design Awards book, I knew I was looking at something different. The vivid color, smart design and accompanying poster skillfully celebrates in-house design with a level of energy that hypnotizes and excites the reader. This piece is a celebration of what great in-house design is all about: skillfully leveraging brand expertise, product expertise and messaging excellence, all while maintaining the critical element of consistency.


Considering the thorough understanding that must be involved in the creation of such a piece, it’s no surprise that this was designed by an in-house team. Capital One Canada, you really knocked this one out of the park!


Here’s what Elyssa Schmidt, Senior Art Director of Creative & Design at Capital One Canada, had to say about the project:


Creating the design collateral for the inaugural RGD In-House Design Awards was an exercise in totality. The ask: a unique graphic identity program representing the robust and growing sector in-house design teams occupy in the design community. The multi-channel execution lived as digital components, in motion, print and a 360º exhibit of winners’ work, launched at DesignThinkers 2016. A reverence for aesthetic play within design was at the heart of the project.




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