Whether you’re a marketer or a creative professional, you’ve undoubtedly been involved in the planning and promotion of an event. The affair could be anything from a tradeshow where you’re promoting a new product to an important internal meeting where you’d like to show the strides you’ve made in communicating your brand values. Whatever the case, you need event promotion that’s impactful and memorable, but doesn’t break your budget. The good news is, the desire to personalize your event doesn’t have to add undue cost.  The Xerox Revolution Specialty Media line offers unique and customizable products that help you amplify your brand and promote your products without spending a ton of money.

The line offers a variety of three-dimensional packaging options including boxes and cubes that are just the right size to hold things like event favors, branded items and meeting attendants’ gifts. Printed digitally – think personalized for every guest – these boxes can be “popped” out of the sheet and folded to create easy packaging for your gifts.  It’s the details that pull everything together.  And you don’t have to spend a fortune.  Just look like you did!


Any way you fold it, Xerox Revolution Marketing Media is not just for events. The line is comprised of pieces in all shapes and sizes that can be used to promote your business in a distinctive way. Packaging, tabletop signs, brochures and pocket folders are just some of the items available to market your ideas. And they are completely customizable – making them as unique as the brands, businesses, and products you represent. Plus, with these easy to download templates at your fingertips, you can easily make your visions reality.


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