Billed as The Creativity Conference, I came to Adobe MAX with expectations of learning the latest software updates while also taking in creative inspiration. I ended up experiencing so much more. Truthfully, attending an Adobe MAX conference is a great way to propel a creative career. Here are a few highlights from my inaugural Adobe MAX experience:




Software skills: As expected, there are plenty of opportunities to learn software skills from Adobe Creative Suite. Whether your interests are print, 3D, video, or anything in between, there are plenty of sessions and workshops where an attendee can learn new skills to make their lives easier and bring their creative visions to life.




Self-promotion and Management Strategy: The art of self-promotion was a hot topic this year at Adobe MAX. Our friend and Blueline Magazine veteran Roberto Blake was on hand in the Community Pavilion showing attendees how creatives can make impactful self-promotional videos on-the-go with their mobile devices using Adobe Clip. Another session I enjoyed was photographer, creative director, creative entrepreneur, and editor of Shutter Magazine Sal Cincotta’s session titled Creative Entrepreneurship: Building a Million Dollar Brand. In this session, Cincotta focused on promoting your talents, whether you work for yourself or for a company. He also focused on management strategies for creative teams—how to build team loyalty and a solid workflow to achieve business success.




Balance: The idea of achieving personal and professional balance was also a prevalent theme. Creative leader Debbie Millman held a dynamic session on learning from failure in On Rejection: A Cautionary Tale about Hopes and Dreams. Another session that I found particularly inspiring that focused on diversity in creative leadership came from women’s leadership coach Maria Molfino. Her session, titled Overcoming the Good Girl Myth to Achieve Creative and Business Growth was very personal, honest and inspiring.




Creative Inspiration: Of course, what creative conference would be complete without a healthy dose of creative inspiration? At Adobe MAX, you can find it everywhere from design heavyweights, like Timothy Goodman, to creative marketplace exhibitors, like Delicious Design League and National Poster Retrospectus. What surprised me the most was how the creative inspiration extends outside the graphic design world at Adobe MAX. With keynote speakers that include fashion designer Zac Posen and director Quentin Tarantino, creativity truly has no limits.



Anyone in a creative field knows the importance to continuous learning, and I’ve found Adobe MAX to be the perfect event for doing just that. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s in store at Adobe MAX 2017!



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