If you’re a regular Art of the Menu reader, you already know how paper selection and great design can set the tone for a unique diner’s experience. As we highlighted in a recent post from our new Cougar® promotion, Make Your Mark on Cougar®, “For the chef who creates with all five senses, a menu is more than a list of options. It’s an opportunity. It’s a taste of what’s to come – and of what to expect. It’s anticipation. It’s an open window into a unique point of view. In the foodie’s world, a catering guide is an invitation. It’s a way to start a conversation.” Whether the atmosphere is casual or fine dining, printed menus definitely have an impact on a brand.




One recent Blueline Gallery submission artfully illustrates this point. With a design that’s both modern and fun, The Potato Shack Menu starts the customer experience off right. Here’s what designer W. Anthony Watkins had to say about the project:


Here’s a menu redesign I recently completed for the Potato Shack in Huntsville, Texas. They just completed a major renovation and move into a new building and I was fortunate to get to work with them on the building, a bit of rebranding, and a revamped menu. The place has a bit of your expected “Texas” vibe, but with contemporary touches here and there. Concrete counter tops, red/white/black metal seating, and a no nonsense sans serif menu add a bit of refinement to the expected small town Texas atmosphere.


Cougar was perfect for this project. Reasonable priced, bright, and worked great for the color copy production process we needed to use.


For more printed inspiration on Domtar paper, visit our Blueline Gallery. To request a complimentary copy of Make Your Mark on Cougar, visit domtarpromo.com.