OK, we all know self-promotions have to be impressive. It’s your shot at wooing prospective clients and demonstrating how your creative skills can impact their business.


While I’ve seen a lot of creative self-promos over the years, the ones that have caught my eye all have one thing in common – they pay special attention to the way it’s presented.


I’m the first to admit, I’m a total sucker when it comes to presentation. I mean, who can resist a gorgeous, foil stamped box wrapped in a bow (ask Tiffany & Co)?


But great presentation doesn’t have to break the bank in terms of production. Many times it’s quite the opposite. There’s a lot to be said for the persuasive beauty of restraint. Think monochromatic, tone-on-tone printing. Heck, try no ink and just a beautiful white paper with a blind emboss – talk about powerful!


One of my favorite means of presentation isn’t even “packaging” in the traditional sense. It’s been around forever, and something that’s easily accessible. I’m talking about the envelope.


The envelope can be a custom size, made specifically to fit your piece, but it doesn’t have to be. A simply produced, well-designed standard size envelope can create quite an impression. By choosing a standard size envelope you’ll make life easy in terms of sourcing it and fitting your budget. Most standard size envelopes are stocked locally and in many cases available in smallish quantities.


Of course if you want to go the extra step and really wow with your presentation, a custom envelope can take your promotion to a whole other level. Just with paper alone you can totally set the tone for what’s inside. Think color, finish and heft to set your envelope apart.


Whether you opt for a custom envelope or choose a standard option, the way in which you present what’s inside can make all difference in terms of what gets opened or tossed aside.


Here’s a look at how Domtar has used envelopes to present their past promos. Tell me you wouldn’t open these first if they landed on your desk:


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