Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of the adult coloring book trend. This movement has taken the world by storm, and with good reason; there are numerous studies touting the stress-reducing benefits associated with art therapy. The Blueline Blog post Inside or Outside the Lines? How Do You Color? by Raine Mercer does a great job summarizing the positive effects of the process.


Today’s featured submission, Colorful Comfort by Juicebox Designs, certainly takes the calming results of adult coloring to the next level. The addition of comforting words and incredible illustrations, all of which are elegantly printed on Cougar Natural, no doubt enhance the adult coloring Zen effect.


Here’s what Juicebox Designs’ Jay Smith had to say about the project:


Colorful Comfort is a coloring book for adults, filled with scripture passages from the Bible, along with lyrics to classic hymns, devotions and prayers. We really wanted our customers to start feeling comfort from it the moment they touched it. This book is meant to give customers a sense of calmness, joy and peace, so to us the paper had to play a role in that. The paper also had to match the quality level of illustration and hand-lettering in the book, and present a product that was instantly recognized as very high-quality, which is what our design firm and brand of products are all about.


That meant we had to select a paper that we had large comfort level with, in terms of quality, feel and reliability. We examined several different papers from various mills, but Cougar® Natural Smooth was the clear winner, based on quality, color and surface. That decision proved to be a very good one, because we have heard from so many customers how they love the paper and feel of the book, and that it’s a joy to just feel that paper every time they get their markers or pencils out to color in it.


We are thrilled with the results that we have had with Cougar Natural and look forward to our other books being printed on it that are coming out later this year!


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