To underscore how great work typically starts on paper, Domtar recently released a video that shows how comic fans got to meet one of the industry’s founding fathers at the recent Comic-Con International.


The film shows a massive 8-foot sheet of paper interacting with fans at Comic-Con, which started as a showcase for comic books and has become one of the world’s largest pop culture events. More than 130,000 fans gathered in San Diego, and paper became an instant hit.


Fans – many of whom dressed as aliens, superheroes and characters from movies, television shows and comic books – drew sketches and wrote notes on the giant paper, dancing with it and taking selfies.


This was a fun way to remind people that great work often begins on paper, and that paper is an integral part of the creative process. Some of the best comic books, posters and movie scripts have always stemmed from the creativity, imagination, fantasy, adventure and entertainment that originate on paper.


We also started the hashtag #StartedOnPaper to give everyone an opportunity to post the great things they have started on paper. So what will you create today?


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