The Power of Printed Photos

Like many creatives, I’m drawn to photography. In my opinion, there’s no other art form that can inspire as much emotion or bring back such profound moments quite like a photo. I love taking photos even more since getting an iPhone. Many apps and social media sites, such as Hipstamatic and Instagram, offer filters that can make your photos look amazing without having to work on them in Photoshop. My mobile device has actually become my main camera because it makes sharing those special moments in my life so easy.

The thing is, photos aren’t just for sharing, and they’re also for remembering. And while my iPhone has made taking photos more fun, it’s also made them more disposable. More than once, I’ve “lost” a photo during an update or have quickly decided to delete them when my phone begins to run slower.

The recent birth of my son has me reconsidering my new favorite way to create and store photos. Quite often, we don’t realize what “everyday” memories are special to us until long after they’re over. A photo that happens to include a good friend, for example, will undoubtedly mean more to you after they’ve moved far away. Or as my son gets older, a certain baby photo might end up being more special to me later after realizing that it showed a glimpse of his emerging personality. There’s also my legacy to consider. Do I really think my son is going to enjoy spending hours on my computer going through my files after I’m gone? That is, if he’s able to. With technology changing at a rapid rate, the likelihood of the files being compatible is slim.

Bottom line is this: I need to print my photos. And I’m apparently not alone in feeling this way. One of the major selling features for the Android 4.4 KitKat is its ability to print photos. Also, many online resources are emerging, such as printstagram and blueprints, that offer multiple options for turning your socially shared pics into printed, tangible items and photos. So maybe my love for photography with my mobile device doesn’t have to come at the expense of sacrificing my memories after all.